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Bankruptcy - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is designed for debtors in financial difficulty who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts. Debtors whose debts are primarily consumer debts are subject to a "means test" designed to determine whether the case should be permitted to proceed....

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Debt Reduction - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is designed for individuals with regular income who would like to pay all or part of their debts in installments over a period of time. You are only eligible for Chapter 13 if your debts do not exceed certain dollar amounts set forth in the Bankruptcy Code....

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Stop Letting Creditors Push You Around

  • Stop Foreclosures
  • Bill Collectors
  • Telephone Calls
  • Harassment
  • Credit Card Bills
  • Medical Bills
  • Student Loans
  • Back Rent
  • High Car Payment
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Repossession
  • IRS-Tax Problems
  • Lawsuits
  • Tax Levies

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Winterbotham Parham Teeple is a Designated Debt Relief Agency under Federal Law. If you require the services of a bankruptcy attorney, we are here to provide legal assistance. We have been serving the needs of clients in Southern California and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. In that time, we have successfully represented over 100,000 clients seeking protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Debt relief is designed to help people with unmanageable debts. Whether you are experiencing financial trouble due to a job loss, unexpected medical bills, divorce or other situation, a qualified bankruptcy lawyer can help you get your finances in order for a fresh start. The attorneys in our firm are here to help. Browse our website to find bankruptcy information to help you understand the process.

We have a team of experienced attorneys, paralegals and staff to assist you in obtaining the rights and remedies available to you under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Every bankruptcy attorney in our firm has knowledge of current law and changes to the bankruptcy code, as well as skillful techniques for successful debt relief that creditors must accept and courts will approve.

Stop the calls from bill collectors and harassing telephone calls. The calls must stop once you retain a bankruptcy lawyer. Read our blog or call our free 24 hour hotline for a recorded message with more bankruptcy information. We offer a free consultation to consumers in Southern California to give you the opportunity to discuss your circumstances with an attorney or experienced bankruptcy professional and have your questions answered. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Debt Relief Help Notice

Debt Relief is still available under the new Reform Act Laws

Bankruptcy Reform has become a reality. On April 20, 2005, President Bush signed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention, Consumer Protection Act, which has changed bankruptcy as we now know it. The new bankruptcy law has been in effect since October 17 of 2005. However, Bankruptcy has not gone away nor will it. If you feel Debt Relief (Bankruptcy) is an avenue you need to explore it is imperative that you contact us to examine your situation.

Please do not be afraid of Debt Relief - We Can Help!

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